How we operate

At Overklocked you pay for time spent playing games, not time spent in the center. That means whatever time you havent used gets saved to your account for later use! We don’t distinguish between time spent on Consoles or PC’s.

If you’re playing Smash Bros on our Wii U and then decide you’d rather grind out some Solo-Queue in League of Legends, your account is only charged for the amount of time spent in our system. Just let one of our staff members know you’re switching platforms!


Mon - Thurs
12pm - 1am
12pm - 3am
11am - 3am
11am - 1am
For those who are interested in gaming for longer, we highly recommend considering a Membership, for only $42. It provides incredible value and ensures you’ll be getting the most out of your time with us.

Non-Member Pricing

1 hour
Day pass

Member Pricing

Membership cost
1 hour
4 hours
10 hours
20 hours
40 hours
Day pass


Membership Extras

  • 3 free hours ($21 value)
  • Free day pass on your birthday (or weekend surrounding your birthday)
  • Discount on Lock-Ins ($60 annual value)