• DateJuly 13, 2023
  • Time6:00pm
  • Individual Price$30
  • Team Price$150


24 or more total teams signed up
1st Place – 60% of Prize Pool + 5x 5 Hour gift cards to OverKlocked Gaming
2nd Place – 30% of Prize Pool + 5x 5 Hour gift cards to OverKlocked Gaming
3rd Place – 10% of Prize Pool + 5x 5 Hour gift cards to OverKlocked Gaming

Fewer than 24 Teams
1st Place – 70% of Prize Pool + 5x 5 Hour gift cards to OverKlocked Gaming
2nd Place – 30% of Prize Pool + 5x 5 Hour gift cards to OverKlocked Gaming
3rd Place –  5x 5 Hour gift cards to OverKlocked Gaming

$30 Entry Fee includes $15 Venue fee which also covers all Computer time during the Tournament, as well as time to setup before the event. The other $15 goes to the Prize-pool.

Tournament registrants who want to  practice before/after the tournament are eligible for the tournament day-pass promotion for $10 ($42 regular).

Event Description

Compete in any one of 4 play-in opportunities to qualify for the Sunday Finals .

A maximum of 8 teams are eligible to compete in each play-in.
Play-in may take 5 or more hours to complete.

The top three teams from each play-in will qualify for the Sunday Finals.

Finals on Sunday will start at 1:00pm*

Play-in Start Times

Thursday July 13th – 6:00pm*

Friday July 14th – 6:00pm*

Saturday July 15th – 1:00pm*

Saturday July 15th – 6:30pm*

*The time shown is the start time of the first game of the day, teams will be allowed to setup 30 minutes prior to the start time on their assigned computers. This is time for players to adjust their settings, get into their comms and then enter the Tournament game Lobby. Players/Teams who are not ready at the start time might result in a forfeit of the first game.

Pre-Registration is available in person at OverKlocked (Full Team-Registration is Required for Pre-Registration). Registration is also available the day of the event is spots are still available.

Each play-in as well as the Finals will be broadcast live on twitch.tv/okgtv

We are always looking for casters! If you are interested in joining the broadcast as a caster reach out to us and the broadcasting team at contact@overklocked.com

Tournament Structure

Each play-in will be Best of 1 Double Elimination.
Play-INs are available Friday Evening and Saturday Day for the Sunday Finals.

The Sunday Finals will be Best of 3 Single Elimination with a seeded bracket based on if you won your play-in day.
The Top 3 teams from both days advance to the Sunday Finals

Play-In Example Bracket* – https://challonge.com/okgplayin

Sunday Finals Example Bracket – https://challonge.com/OKGFinal2Example

*the play-in bracket example does not include tie-breaker matches.

Game Mode – Standard
Teams will Rock Paper Scissors to decide who picks Map.
Winner of the RPS will ban 1 map, then the other team will until 4 maps are removed from the pool.
The Team that won RPS now chooses from the remaining maps which they would like to play
After they Select the Map the other team gets to choose what side they start on.
In a best of 3 the losing team choses the next map.

Map List –
Ascent, Fracture,  Split, Lotus, Icebox, Haven, Pearl

Game Options Must be set to the following-
Allow Cheats – Off
Tournament Mode – On
Overtime: Win By Two – On
Play Out All Rounds – Off
Hide Match History – Off

Tournament Rules

No Ghosting. This is a Live-Event if people are attempting to get an advantage by having friends/players inform them of the others teams moves/plans the team will be immediately disqualified.

Be Courteous – The tournament Admins reserves the right to eject a player/team if they are being abusive to any other player.
Matches must be reported as soon as they are finished.
Teams not on time for their match risk being disqualified.
Have Fun.


Are teams allowed to substitute players?

  • No, teams will not be allowed substitutions. With multiple play-in times there are opportunities to work around scheduling conflicts that would require a substitution. Team substitutions going into the finals would not reflect the team that had qualified.

What if only 2 teams register for a play-in day.

  • If only 2 teams are registered for the play-in, both teams will qualify for the finals, and they will play a best of 3 against each other to determine the seeding for the Finals.

What if 3 teams register for a play-in day? 

  • If 3 teams register, a normal structure with a bye would not work. So each team will play each other, each win will award 1 point. The team with the highest points will play the team with the 2nd highest points in a final game, and the winner will be Seed 1 from the play in. In the case of a tie, the necessary additional game(s) will be played to break the tie.

If my team fails to qualify could we register for another play-in?

  • Yes! If there are still available spots and your team wants a second shot to compete because either you had a bad day, got a tough bracket or just want to play more games you can register and try again to qualify for the finals.

Can we Bring our own Equipment?

  • OverKlocked provides high quality equipment at all our gaming stations, so it is not necessary to bring your own gear. However if you want to use your own headset/mouse/keyboard we have USB Hubs at the computers to allow you to connect and use your own stuff.

Can I bring my Monitor?

  • No. This is a major hazard and all our Monitors are 144hz.

Can I pre-register online?

  • Yes you may, send us an email at contact@overklocked.com and we can send you a PayPal invoice to register online, (online registrations will include an additional processing fee per registration)