• DateJanuary 20, 2019
  • Time12:00pm
  • Individual Price20
  • Team Price100


1st Place –  70% of Prize Pool* + 5 Hour Gaming Card @ OverKlocked

2nd Place – 30% of Prize Pool* + 5 Hour Gaming Card @ OverKlocked

$20 Entry Fee includes $10 Venue fee which includes Computer time during the Tournament


*If there are fewer than 7 Teams, 1st Place will take the whole Prize-Pool

Event Description

OverKlocked is opens  at 11:00 am, the first game of the tournament will start promptly at 1:00 pm with registration Closing at 12:45 pm, we recommend teams arrive around 12:00 pm.

Teams will sign in at the front counter and then they can either purchase time to play on the computer before the event or wait for the event to start.

After the event starts we will call teams and assign them a section of computers to use. After the game has been completed and reported to the admin they will let you know if you have another game right away or if they need to set up another team to play.

Early in the day as we try and get every team to play there can be a lot of running around, but as the day winds down we have to move teams less often.

Entry Fee: $20/person or $100/team ($10 Venue fee is included in Entry Fee) –
OverKlocked Offers a Weekend-Pass for $10 to anyone participating in the tournament (Play Before, After the tournament or even if your team loses stick and around and get some practice! )
If you wish to play before the tournament begins, after or while your team is not playing additional time on computers can be purchased from OverKlocked

Tournament Structure

Best of 1 Double Elimination (Semi-Finals Best of 3 – Finals Best of 5 with a 1 Game Advantage for the team in Winners Bracket)

Map Pool: Dust2, Nuke, Inferno, Train, Overpass, Mirage, Vertigo

Games will be played using ESL 5v5 Config

In the event of Overtime the server will automatically start Overtime, Overtime is 3 Rounds per side, or first to four. In Overtime players will start with 16,000


For this Event we have adopted a new policy of scheduling the tournament. This way everyone who is in the tournament knows what time things are going to be happening. Teams who are not present when they are required for their scheduled match will be disqualified.

In a tournament with 8 or more teams the tournament will require 2 days to Finish. Day 1 finishing at approximately 8:00 pm  and day 2 after the final game. (Timing can change depending on game length)

In a 16 team tournament 8 teams will be playing at a time. After we play out the first round of games the 8 teams who finished their games, will swap off and the next 8 teams will play. After Which we move into the first round of elimination matches always having 8 teams playing at the same time.

On average 1 Round of play Takes an hour.

Tournament Rules

No Outside Keyboards – We have had serious issues with people taking down and breaking keyboards so for the tournament you will be required to use the Keyboards provided by OverKlocked. OverKlocked is equipped with SteelSeries Mechanical Keyboards on all the Computers.

No Ghosting. This is a Live-Event if people are attempting to get an advantage by having friends/players inform them of the others teams moves/plans the team will be immediately disqualified.

Be Courteous – The tournament Admin reserves the right to eject a player/team if they are being abusive to any other player. We have zero tolerance policy for violence, and any verbal abuse ejections will be at the discretion of the tournament admin.


What are you running for Servers?
-We will be running the servers locally on our network giving you pings under 10ms and 128tickrate

What Monitors do you use?
-We have a mix of BenQ Zowie 27″ 144hz + MSI 27″ 144hz Monitors & AOC 27″ 60hz Monitors.

Can I bring my own Monitor?

Can I bring my own Mouse?
-Yes Absolutely

Can I bring my own Headset?
-Yes Absolutely

Can I bring my own Keyboard?

What about my custom Config?
-Email your own custom configs to csgo@overklocked.com, Make sure the config is your name, (for example shroud.cfg) we will deploy these across our computers so that when you are about to play a match, you just type exec NAME.cfg in the console to load your config.

Can I set custom video settings?
-You will have access to the Nvidia Control Panel.

Can I come in early to test everything out?
-Yes absolutely, we are open before the tournament starts, or you can come in any day during normal operations.